The Bravo Board

The Bravo Board is a full functioning portable LED message center and scoreboard combined. It lets teams keep score and generate revenue with customized advertisements.

But it’s not just for the teams. It’s for local merchants to attract new business. And it’s for the fans, who’ll know the score no matter what.


Board Features

Briefcase-8 copy

Super portable. The Bravo Board weighs less than 30 lbs.


Battery operated, so no outlets needed. The Board runs 7+ hours on a full charge.

36-android-512 copy

Easy to control via the Android app (iPhone app Coming Soon!). No remote to lose or scorekeeper to train.

Put the Bravo  Board to work for you! Here’s how:


  1. Do you work for or own a business? Buy a Bravo Board, donate it to a team or club, and use it exclusively to advertise your goods and services.
  2. Are you part of a team or club? Buy a Bravo Board and sell advertisements to local merchants and parents. You’ll pay yourself back for the Board within a year and create a steady stream of revenue for your team or club.

We’ll work with you to develop an advertising strategy that’s right for you. And we’ll help you during the first 12 months to set up messages.